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Time Management

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Time management is one of the most crucial aspects for preparations of any competitive examinations may that be IIT JEE, AIEEE, CAT or even the class 12th Board Exams. A student who can efficiently map out a plan which increases his/her productivity in terms of preparations and cuts on wastage of time stands a good chance of making it through with a exceptional performance.

As children, our minds were engrained with the saying time and tide waits for none. Many a souls have pondered over this and neglected it conveniently. This results often in haphazard studying right before the exam; leaving out certain chapters, keeping sections unrevised till the last minute, lesser practice which leads to undue stress and tension.

Here are some tips to manage your time for efficient preparations.

1. Study area – Having a good study area can make a huge difference to how well one studies. It’d best to study in a well lit, quiet area, away from noises and people in the house. The desk should be tidy and organized.

2. Find out about the exam – Study has to be done in a proper format so that one doesn’t end up studying too much, or leaving out some part of the course. Hence, find out about the format of the exam. It’d also be important to know the weightage of particular topics which can be found with the help of previous year papers.For your convenience we have provided a systematic break up of previous yeari IIT JEE papers on our site.

3. Make a study timetable – It’s best to make a short term study plans for like a week at a stretch. It would help you set realistic goals which are well achievable. Also, while making such timetables, prioritize your subjects. It’s most effective to try and study all three subjects everyday.

4. To do lists – Make a to-do list before each study session. Breaking tasks down into small, manageable tasks will make it less overwhelming.

5. Wallpaper – Write down key concepts you have to learn on small sheets of paper followed by examples of how they are used. Post these sheets around your room, e.g. your bed, on the toilet door, in the walls of the room, etc. It helps with remembering things like math equations, tables, organic chemistry conversions, etc.

6. Study groups – Forming a studying group can be a helpful way to revise the notes and work through past exam questions (it can also help you feel supported, keep you motivated and focused). If you have questions about your work, a study group may be a good place to have them answered. But if you DO decide on a study group, make sure it’s made of like minded serious students who’d inspire you. Improper choice of study partners can result in more wasting of time pursuing worthless distractions.7. Take regular breaks – Getting up, moving around and away from your desk at least every 50 minutes for 10 minutes makes you concentrate and learn better. One doesn’t need to become a bookworm all the time. taking short breaks at regular intervals is much more effective than taking a long break after a long interval.

8. Revise and practice (don’t just re-read) – Sometimes just reading through notes or continuously practicing numericals doesn’t result in complete understanding. Include the following in revising each topic:

* Summaries of important points

* Formulae, rules, diagrams, charts

* Ability to understand relationships.

* Numerical problems

9. Avoid procrastination – Procrastination is basically the distraction that keeps you away from what you are supposed to be doing. It is normal to procrastinate a little. However too much procrastination can just add to stress and can result in you not giving yourself enough time to prepare. Managing your time and setting realistic goals for each study session can be helpful ways to avoid procrastinating.

In the end, personal will is all that matters. If one is determined in their mind to work with single minded devotion towards their preparations, they can efficiently manage their time.

Good Luck!

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