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Technical Festivals of IITs

Technical Festivals of IITs
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Technical Festivals of various hues and names mark the academic itinerary of IITs every year. From lectures to stunt shows, the festivals have all kinds of events that attract students from all over the country. The objective of such events is to give a platform to the students to showcase their innovations and visions. Here we present a list of these festivals along with their basic details.


The technical Festival of IIT-KHARAGPUR was started in 2004. Previously it was held under the name Ideon.
Organised in: January
Events:  It comprises of events such as online competitions, quizzes, competitions to test the entrepreneurial skills, robotics, campus gaming events, fun events,etc.


The annual technical festival of IIT-MUMBAI is organized by a body of students under the same name.  It was started in 1998 with the objective of providing opportunities to the students to present their technical skills.
Organised in: January
Events: competitions (robotics, problem- solutions), exhibitions, lectures, workshops, stunt shows, magic shows.


The annual technical festival of IIT- CHENNAI was started in 2000 with the aim of giving the students an opportunity to showcase their scientific and technical talents.
Organised in: Last week of September & 1st week of October. 
Events: competitions on innovations in flying, aerobotics, coding, design and Build, contraptions, etc.


The annual technical-management festival of IIT-KANPUR was started in 2007. The entrepreneurship aspect was added in 2010 when Megabucks the annual entrepreneurship festival was amalgamated into it.
Organised in: 2nd and 3rd week of February.
Events: guest lectures, discussion forums, innovate-design events, competitions, aero-modelling events.


The annual technical festival of IIT-DELHI was started in 1992 by the student’s body under the same name.
Slogan: Geekier than Thou
Organised in: last week of February and 1st week of March.
Events: The events are organised under five heads.
Think: It comprises of bridge designing contest, designing from junk, algorithm contest, computer engineering, online programming, real life problem contest, etc.
Create: Events like robowars, path tracking robotics, product designing, technical poster competition, etc. are held.
Compete: competitions like assembly-disassembly, circuit designing, sci-tech quiz, simulation and optimization contests are held.
Design: Under this, competitions on digital electronics, artificial intelligence and oscilloscopes, lifters and buildings are held.
Indulge: It comprises of lectures, workshops, sci-fi movies and exhibitions.


The annual technical festival of IIT-GUWAHATI  was started in 1999.
Organised in: First week of September.
Events:  It comprises of workshops, lectures and competitions. The major events are Technothlon, Half Marathon, Lecture Series, Industrial Conclave, Tech-scribe, Junkyard Wars, Brainchild, Social 360, Funniche, etc.


The annual technical festival of IT-BHU was started in the year 1939 by a students’ body under the same name.
Organised in: March
Events: It mainly comprises of workshops, lectures and exhibitions. The major events include Modex, Robo-Opus, Hacknex, Byte the bits, Xtreme Engineering, Aero, Papyrus, Baalvigyaan and codefest.


The annual technical festival of IIT-ROORKEE, was started in 2003.
Organised in: March
Events:  Robotics, Innovation of the Year, Industrial Challenges, Series of Online Events, Design competitions, Gaming contests, Workshops, and Guest Lectures.

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