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There are number of options which you can opt for as your career after you complete your B.Tech degree. If you are economically efficient i.e. have financial support, you have an interest to pursue a Masters’ degree and don’t need a job, it is better to opt for higher studies.

However, in case you do not wish to study further, you can also try for jobs in the private or government sector to use the knowledge gained over the four years of engineering and to add the extra advantage of experience.

All these options are elaborated as:

I. Further studies:
If you wish to continue to study, you can pursue Post Graduate courses and then also obtain a Ph.D. You have lots of options for the PG courses in India as well abroad.

(a) M.S.

If you prefer doing P.G. in your field of study, you can go for a degree in Masters of Sciences. It is actually an expensive higher study programme, but has its own advantage. This is also for people interested to work in the corporate world.

To do an M.S. degree one needs to go to Universities outside India. One needs to be financially prepared as the total costs incurred in this course is very high. There are few scholarships provided by the Government of India for meritorious students who wish to go abroad. You need to appear for GRE for doing M.S. in Foreign countries. Every University has different cut offs for GRE. Also, for non English speaking student community a TOEFL score is also needed in some universities although it is not mandatory.

(b)  M.TECH

If you wish to do your PG from India in research field then M.Tech from IIT is the best option.

A specialization in your subject will always earn you more salary and respect as well effective control over your subject. This program is concerned with research studies so you will also be recieving research stipends during your studies. To get admission in IIT and some other institutes for M.TECH you have to qualify GATE.

(c) MBA

If you prefer doing P.G. in some finance related courses or want to shape your career in management job, you can definitely go for MBA. This program is also a little expensive & best for those who want to manage the corporate world. You can also go for MBA from abroad. You need to appear in competitive exams like CAT, XAT etc, to get admission in Indian management institutes & in GMAT for management from universities abroad.



After completing B.TECH one can also opt for a job. There are plenty of jobs for engineering graduates. They can have a job in their own field or into other also subject to availability.

Jobs are classified according to job sector.

(a) Private sector Jobs

Going for private sector after engineering ensures high pay & hard work. The competition is cut throat in the private sector, but remuneration is high too. Jobs in private sector for engineers are also divided into core industry & software industry.

(i) Core industry
This is only for core branches.
As Core industries have limited seats so only 30-40% of the students of non-circuit branches go into core field.
Rest all prefer software industry or do something else.
It means while choosing your branch you should know that only 30-40% of students will be joining core industry.

(ii) Software industry

To get into software firm is the easiest job available for engineering graduates.

Whatever the branch you are in during your engineering you can get into a software industry with some basic technical knowledge about computer languages which every engineering student covers in their 1st year along with good communication skills. It is good if you get a job during the campus placements itself because it is really difficult to find a job after you come out of the college. However, there are various kinds of jobs in Software industry which you get according to your course of study or your specialization.

Software industry pays well and expects their employees to adjust to the gruelling work schedules. Usually peoples from non circuit branches also prefer to go into software job because Indian core market does not have capacity to intake all core engineers.

(b) Government sector Job

This career path shows many of the options available for all the engineers who want to choose their career in government.
(i) Engineering Services:

Government Engineers are the government employees who work as technical experts on different projects or departments. Government engineers are often involved in developing policy and standards for the profession and general public.

Government conducts different examinations at graduate level for recruitment of entry level civil, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineers called the Indian Engineering Services (IES).

(ii) Public administration:

Some engineers leave the technical engineering path as they progress and move into government management or they do public administration. At this level, additional leadership training and education in public administration or business management is recommended.

For government administration services such as IAS (INDIAN ADMINISTRATION SERVICES) one has to pass through UPSC examinations.

III. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is to start your own venture. One can also start his own company using all the surrounding resource.

“Being an entrepreneur is the art and science of creating value”

This is the most sought after plan of action for the graduates who have a knack of risk taking and have an idea which can be converted to a working module. The stress factor coupled with the financial duress may be highest in this, but the satisfaction is far high too. You are the boss of your own company with rules and regulations flexible to your liking. It may take a long time for the business to attain the level you had imagined in the start, so patience is the key.

These days a lot of Venture Capitalists (VC) are looking to finance original ideas and potentially viable entrepreneurship projects and firms.

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