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Managing IIT JEE and Boards

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If you are in class twelve, then you have not one but two challenges to face: IIT JEE and the Boards. And meeting the two challenges at the same time is altogether a different challenge. :) What is required is a very planned out study schedule. If you Plan it right, the board exams barrier may even work out in your favour. I think a well planned study schedule during these last days of preparations was one of the most crucial factor behind my success.

First of all I made one thing absolutely clear to myself: My ultimate aim is to clear IIT JEE and not top the board exams. Doing reasonably well in board exams would be sufficient.

Of course you may have different priorities, and in that case this article is not for you. But if you also feel the same as me then go on.

This is how I managed the two challenges:

Personally I feel that in most of the board exams the majority of the paper comprises of the previous year papers. This one fact formed the basis of more than eighty percent of my preparations for boards and saved me a lot of time. Especially, for those topics which you have prepared well for IIT JEE, getting updated with the last year questions should be sufficient for the boards. This is exactly what I did for the month of January. I revised the topics for IIT JEE and glanced over the previous year questions of the board exams.Thus by the end of January I covered fifty percent of the syllabus for IIT JEE and boards.

Comes February: This month I dedicated for the topics for which I was not well prepared for JEE, I prepared them well for the board level. And also I dedicated around two hours to keep myself updated with the syllabus I covered during January. Thus these two months gave me a sound grip over the fifty percent of JEE syllabus and also I was done with my preparation for the boards.

Other than physics, Chemistry and Maths the other two subjects which I had opted for were English and Physical Education. Since I have always been interested in reading books and novels, English was a cake walk. I studied it during my break time or when my head was overloaded with formulas, concepts and numericals. :) Infact studying English often acted as stress buster. And as far as Physical education is considered, I left it for the last two days just before the exams.

Comes March: I was prepared quite well for the board exams by now. I selected half of the topics from the remaining fifty percent syllabus of IIT JEE and started working on them. By the end of this month I was prepared with more than seventy percent of the syllabus of IIT JEE, which was sufficient to get a very good rank if things went fine.

Last Seven days: I practiced two test papers daily at exactly the same time as my JEE paper was scheduled. After both the papers I used to analyse my paper thoroughly and try to figure out how can I improve further in terms of accuracy and speed. By the time IIT JEE came I was almost confident that I will make it.

And friends I did make it. :)

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