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How to prepare for Maths in IIT-JEE

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Why is it that clearing the IIT-JEE considered to be an exceptional feat? Why are the ones who clear it held in such high regard? There are various reasons behind this. However, one most solid reason is that the ones who clear it are really good in the three subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics because you need to be good fairly if not equally at all three to get through the  JEE.

Mathematics is a highly scoring subject and most students consider it to be their “Mr. Dependable” among the triplicate. The reasons are:
1. Mathematics is a subject that we study right from nursery. Chemistry and Physics turn up in higher classes. (If you love this subject you automatically start enjoying it and what follows is hours of practice without getting tired which makes you more adept and sharp)
2. Chemistry and Physics are comparatively tough nuts to crack. Reason: Chemistry requires a lot of mugging up and Physics takes up a lot of time in concept building. Getting them right is also not easy.
3. Practice is the only keyword in Maths which builds your base and the more you apply your brain the more your scores improve.
4. You can do it on your own and most of the times students do not need any extra help.
5. Since engineering is generally associated with Mathematics, students tend to emphasize on it and practice it more than the other two subjects. Hence, most of them are better at it in comparison to Physics and Chemistry.

While preparing for your ‘Mr. Dependable’ you need to keep certain things in mind:
1. First get the concepts right, no matter how much time it takes. This is the basic rule for preparing any scientific subject. Initially you may feel tempted to skip this part and move forward. Never do this mistake. Once you start getting them things will fall in place.
2. Apply as much your brain as you can. As has been mentioned above practice is the keyword. There is no other formula.
3. Work on the basics. Many students lag behind because they do not work on this part and go on learning tricks and short tricks. Tricks and short tricks only work when your basics are strong.
4. Attempt the questions with a conceptual approach. Mere practice will not yield good results.
5. Don’t leave the questions in between and jump to another. This is a wasteful exercise in totality and harmful too. You keep wasting your time without moving forward under the impression that you are moving.
6. Lastly, refer to standard books and test series. It is important because you may be very good at the subject but if you refer to substandard or inadequate study material you may be led astray.

If you have the potential to score well in a subject you must not leave any stone unturned. Prepare it with the right strategy and desired result will surely follow.

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